Team Patterson

Team Patterson, which features County Supervisor Jim DeMartini and Councilmember Dominic Farinha, after the weigh-in outside of the West Side Theatre in Newman.

The weigh-in for the “Biggest Loser” competition took place on Monday, June 26 underneath a gigantic balloon arch outside of the West Side Theatre in Newman. The weigh-in kicked off the 11th annual Healthy Choices Summit that was going on inside the theatre.

“We have seven teams ranging from Patterson, Newman, and Gustine. They have between five to ten members per team. They’ll weigh as a group and eight weeks later in Gustine we will weigh out and see who had the biggest weight-loss. Since the teams aren’t all even, we’ll have to figure out how much weight per person was lost,” said Jim DeMartini, Stanislaus County Supervisor and Chairman of the Westside Healthcare Advisory Task Force.

The first group to weigh in for the weight loss competition, at 1,130 pounds, was last year’s Biggest Loser and reigning champion, the City of Newman, who won last year with a total weight loss of 12.04 pounds. If any team has a fighting chance to beat the reigning champs, it’s the City of Patterson, who has one team member that plans on losing a good chunk of change just on his own.

“I have ten pounds to lose, and I keep putting stuff off. I’ve worked out my whole life, but I’m a single dad now and I’m teaching classes at night and working during the day. I needed something to get me focused so I could lose these ten pounds. I’m excited to have a reason to keep going. It’s all about attitude, if you wanna do it, you’ll do it,” said City of Patterson team member, Lee Scoles. Team Patterson also features DeMartini and Councilman Dominic Farinha.

The summit featured keynote speaker, Lani Dickinson, Chief Executive Officer of Emanuel Medical Center. Dickinson was introduced by Mayor Deborah Novelli. Members of the community in attendance were treated to healthy lunches packed by Blues Cafe. Turkey, roast beef, and vegetarian sandwiches were neatly packaged in white to-go boxes at the entrance of the theatre free of charge.

Ten health-related vendors inside offered informational packets and goodies to people in attendance. Patterson Parks and Recreation offered pamphlets on free activities open to the public. Stanislaus County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services had pamphlets on some of their services. Across the street, the pink Mobile Mammogram bus that was at Apricot Fiesta could be found offering their services to the public and sending their images electronically to a doctor stationed in New York, who then wirelessly sent back the results the following day.

“Our goal is to make good nutrition and healthy living part of everyday life,” said DeMartini. “We are committed to reducing obesity, diabetes and heath disease in our local community.”

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