The Apricot Fiesta bake contest is another event associated with the Apricot Fiesta celebration. It too has been a long-standing event of the Apricot Fiesta, briefly going into hiatus and then returning at the urging of a life-long Patterson resident and current City Councilmember Dominic Farinha. Although Farinha had chaired the event before, he wanted someone to take it over who would nurture it and keep it going strong.

Well, the Valentine sisters have done just that! For nearly ten years Gwendolyn, Kristin and Genevieve have been at the helm of the baking contest, and it is thriving. The only requirement is that the recipe contain apricots. The categories are: Cakes and Pies, Cookies and Bars, Misc. Desserts and Anything Goes.

Judging for the baking contest was held at McAuley Ford on May 25. There were a number of entries this year, including Olivia Jimenez, who, for seven consecutive years has entered and placed with one of her recipes. This year she placed first in the cake and pie category.

My favorite is always the kids’ entries. Those youngsters are showing some real culinary skills!

The Valentine sisters agreed, one of the best feelings about the contest is when the kids are escorted in by mom or grandma with their prepared dishes in hand. They are all smiles, as they place their dish on the contest table.

The judges were local community members. Three of the five were new judges and enjoyed the baking contest. Oscar Salas said all though he did have a few favorites, he felt all the entries were winners. Delilah Essex said it was a great experience and she would participate again, while Don Catalano said he enjoyed the critiquing, and felt a great camaraderie among the judges.

The sisters assure that the baking contest is here to stay. It is always held one week before Apricot Fiesta weekend. Check the Apricot Fiesta Web and Facebook pages for dates and information on their activities.

Congratulations to all winners of the 2019 Apricot Fiesta Bake Contest

Cakes & Pies:

1st Place- Olivia Jimenez: Apricot Cream Cheese Upside Down Cake

2nd Place- Gay Allard Johnson: Fresh Apricot Pie

Cookies & Bars:

1st Place- Stacy Prevostini: Apricot Coconut Crumble

2nd Place- April Benefield: Apricot French Macaroons

Misc. Dessert:

1st Place - Veronica Delgadillo: Apricot Cheese Danish

2nd Place - Adam Verhaegan: Apricot Cake Sliders

Misc. Anything Goes:

1st Place - Cyndy Tyler: Grilled Apricot Pork Sliders

2nd Place - Marilyn Hoobler: White Chocolate Apricot Bark

Kids Category:

1st Place - Lundyn Keeney: Apricot Almond Mini Cheesecakes

2nd Place - Charlotte Shotwell: Apricot Oat Scones

Grand Prize:

Cyndy Tyler: Grilled Apricot Pork Sliders

The Grand Prize monetary award is $50. The 1st Place winners receive $40 and 2nd Place winners receive $20.

Grand Prize Winner: Grilled Apricot Pork Sliders

Pulled Pork

4lbs pork roast

1 can apricots

1 jar BBQ sauce (any brand)

Bake in dutch oven 6 hours @ 300F

Grilled Apricots

Cut apricots in half. Toss in olive oil. Grill. Top with pesto (optional)

Serve on slider rolls.

*Garlic spread optional

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