by Neil Vento

Special Contributor

Local four-piece rock/pop cover band, Redline, has been together for two years, and has recently started headlining dance parties in Patterson within the last year or so.

This recent incarnation of Redline was formed by husband and wife, Robert and Maria-Christina Andrade. Robert plays guitar, and Maria, lead vocalist, fronts the band.

The two discovered that they shared a passion for music. Robert grew up listening to bands like Kiss, Van Halen, and Boston back in the 1970s, and he started playing guitar while stationed in Okinawa, Japan, when he was 18. His wife, Maria, has a similar taste in music, but with her uncle’s influence, became interested in Spanish, dance, and pop music as well.

“When I got together with (Maria), I knew she sang and was interested in performing, that’s when we said ‘hey let’s do this together;’ that’s been great, it’s something we do together with a couple of guys that are really great friends of ours,” said Andrade.

The other bandmates are drummer Stephen Cooper, and bass player Victor Marquez, who works for the City of Patterson with Andrade. The three of them played together in an earlier version of Redline that consisted of harder, and heavier original rock music.

“Stephen’s background in music is the same as mine; we are in the same age group. Victor is the same but he is more regimented. He plays multiple instruments and just plays the bass by default because someone needed to and he can do a better job than me,” Andrade said, laughing. “He has similar interests to me. It’s really pleasant to play with friends who get along well. It’s been a blast.”

Redline has played about six shows at Johnny’s Club. They try not to play in public too often, and strive to introduce fresh songs.

The group is excited to be playing the Apricot Fiesta, and considers it an opportunity to give back to their community.

“It’s our very first time. We consider ourselves very fortunate; we love the Apricot Fiesta. I work for the city. It’s my 27th Apricot Fiesta since I’ve been working here, and it’s kind of neat to, instead of being out in the audience, to be up on the stage, and my bandmates are excited about that, too. We’ve watched many bands from the audience and now it’s our turn to go out there and play. For this performance, we are going to play a lot of the songs we know backwards, and forwards, and sideways, and try to rock it hard,” said an enthusiastic Robert.

The band has assembled a set list that they hope will please all types of music lovers. Songs on the list include covers of artists like Heart, Neil Young, Pink!, Pat Benatar, and Adele.

“We are here to help others have a good time,” Andrade said. “We have ties here, we have roots here; we have a sense of belonging to the community. This is home.”

Redline plays the Center Stage at Fiesta Saturday, June 1 at 2:30 p.m.

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