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Walmart has teamed up with the community to help raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network, a program that helps to save the lives of children who are suffering from severe, life-threatening illnesses.

The fundraiser will go on for four weeks until July 4 and will feature different types of fundraisers each day. On this particular Monday, the fundraiser was a $5 hot dog barbecue plate that came with chips and soda or water.

“Last year we raised $10,756,” said Asset Protection Manager for Walmart Corporation, Kirsten Wanner. “Our goal this year is $15,000.”

Wanner, who traveled to UC Davis Children’s Hospital last year on behalf of Walmart, said the proceeds will go to UC Davis Children’s Hospital with an emphasis on trying to help save the lives of premature babies.

In conjunction with the Children’s Miracle Network, Walmart raises a billion dollars nationwide. With their contribution, Walmart purchases “Giraffe Beds,” an incubator that helps to artificially recreate the moistness of the womb.

“We are trying to incorporate the community with this amazing cause by including the Miss Patterson Court,” said Wanner. “When I toured the (UC Davis Facility) it was hard seeing the tiny babies, knowing that they couldn’t go home. Anything I can do to help them I will do, like getting ‘arrested’.”

Wanner was referring to is a demonstration that took place Wednesday at 10 a.m. in front of Walmart. The Patterson Sheriff's Department came and handcuffed Ms. Wanner, and placed her under arrest until $1,000 dollars was raised towards the cause.

On Saturday, June 22, there will be a kid-themed fundraiser that will have games, prizes, and a nacho bar.

Some of the proceeds raised will also go towards purchasing “American Girl Dolls,” a doll that helps provide company to a child who is undergoing treatments for cancer. The doll undergoes the steps with the child to whom it belongs. During the cancer treatments the doll will be hairless, and after the cancer treatments the dolls can be sent back to the American Girl company to have hair put on – a big morale booster for a young child that could use a friend with them during such a frightening time.

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