It’s time for passing out a few bouquets.

Let’s start with the Chamber of Commerce community service awards night held last weekend at the Masonic Hall. The event drew about 110 diners who appeared to enjoy the evening and the presentation of awards to Ken Herger, Naomi Jacobson, Juanzette Hunter, and Juan and Sandra Perez of JP & Sons Trucking, Inc. A number of those in attendance weren’t chamber members, but the organization is growing and deserves community support. Additional members can only make it stronger.

Bouquets also to the Phoenix Patrol in Boy Scout Troop 81. These young men have volunteered to come and pick up your American flag should it be tattered or soiled and in need of retirement. They are authorized to formally retire flags and do so with a proper ceremony. Just contact for their service.

Next, I attended a quadruple family birthday party on the weekend where a four-year-old and three adults were honored. But the fun part came with the outside pineda bashing by the many children present. It was fun for all.

Bouquets also to our county Supervisor Jim DeMartini who is completing his fourth term representing District 5 that includes all of the West Side. Jim has worked hard and done an exceptional job of assessing the issues, listening to his constituents, and then deciding what is best for our county. He has announced that this term, which concludes the end of next year, will be his last. He and wife Anne, who serves on the board of the Yosemite Community College District, plan to move to Nevada, according to news reports. We will miss them.


Yes, we procrastinated too long about the announcement of an important meeting, and I take the blame.

Just last night – July 31 – was the latest meeting of the Patterson Procrastinators Club. This local organization meets every fifth Wednesday evening of the month at Eric Langstaff’s house. He’s our secretary-treasurer, while I chair the group. But mark October on your calendars.


Our Persons of Maturity remember years back when we dropped something, we just picked it up.

Now that we are older and drop something, we stare at it for a bit, contemplating if we actually need it anymore.


If there is a time of year for professional sports that I have a disliking, it’s the season of trading.

In some stances, it’s the front office personnel who need to be traded.


Patterson has lost three longtime businessmen this summer – all retired but well-known to many of us.

They are Gerald Breasher, Harry Holton and now Jerry Musson. All gone but fondly remembered. The turnout for Jerry Musson’s service early this week was huge. He is remembered by many of us as The Jokester, although I sometimes referred to him as The Mayor. It was a joke between the two of us.

Ron Swift is editor/publisher emeritus of the Patterson Irrigator. He can be reached at

PI editor/publisher emeritus

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