This being the busiest time of the year in Patterson – with school graduations and the Apricot Fiesta crowding our agendas – readers have sparse time to read newspaper columns. So I’ll keep it short.


First, the Fiesta. Our daily newspaper this week termed it our 48th, when actually it is the 49th local ’cot celebration. They missed one somewhere. Just remember that it started in 1971, No. 2 was in ’72, etc.

If you didn’t make it to Monday’s Memorial Day observance at the Patterson District Cemetery, you missed a good one. The youth of the community again played a major role in the program founded many years ago by the American Legion. The Avenue of Flags erected by Boy Scout Troop 81 was nothing short of spectacular, and the major task of decorating over 400 graves of military veterans was spearheaded by the American Heritage Girls. Having this youth participation on such a memorial day is heart-warming.

Some of us watched the stirring Memorial Day ceremony from the Capitol grounds in Washington that was broadcast on public television Sunday evening. Not very many World War II veterans remain, and those present at the ceremony created many a damp eye.

May our thoughts also be with the flood victims elsewhere in our nation. Torrential rains and numerous tornadoes are making the headlines these days, just as our California wildfires did last year.

On the local construction front, the new Patterson Family Pharmacy building is rising quickly in what many of us still call our downtown. The artist’s sketch indicates it will be an eye-popper.

Also, the new Starbucks building on Ward Avenue is speeding along, and the other half of the new Burger King structure next door still has the ABC notice for Round Table Pizza in the window. Welcome to the Pizza Capital of the West Side, RT.


This past Wednesday evening being the fifth Wednesday of the month, the Patterson Procrastinators Club had its meeting scheduled at Eric Langstaff’s house, with an election of officers as its only item of business.

But the election – as might be expected – was put off until the next meeting on July 31. Thus I will continue until then as president, and Eric as secretary-treasurer.

Reminder: membership dues were due Jan. 1.


Persons of Maturity, if they have long memories, may recall that at one time Patterson had its own golf club. That started in the late 1920s, and records are kept in the files of the Patterson Township Historical.

We even had our own golf course out near the river, as well as a hired golf pro and an annual club tournament.


I’m just guessing, of course, but this year may be the finale run in the Warriors’ streak of championships.

So enjoy it.


Enjoy the Fiesta! Just do it.

PI editor/publisher emeritus

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