I’ve always considered myself to be patriotic.

Not the flag-waving, banner-carrying type of parade marcher, but quietly supportive of my country and the freedoms it provides us.

For instance, one of my favorite times is watching the televised 4th of July celebration on the Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C. The patriotic music and entertainers, along with the introduction of true patriots who served our country, bring not only joy, but sometimes a tear to the eye. It’s the way I was raised and the feeling isn’t likely to go away.

And here at home, I would never think of missing our annual Memorial Day and Veterans Day observances at our cemetery and downtown park. They are truly expressions of local patriotism and are a tribute to those who have served our nation.

Thus I am deeply saddened at the recent tweets of our president – my president – that paints him as a racist. His attacking of four members of Congress – all four women of color – can be called nothing but racist.

But why? What did he plan to gain? Is he pandering to others who are themselves pocket racists? And if so, what does that say about our nation?

I have two concerns.

The first is that as president of this powerful country, he speaks worldwide for all of us. Are we to be considered a racist nation as well?

The second involves the leaders of his political party. Few have spoken out, either for fear of Trump or from the electorate they deem as latent racists. That doesn’t speak highly for the most powerful and free nation on the planet.


Thanks goodness for common sense.

The court has restored the traditional names at Yosemite National Park. Ahwahnee, Wawona and Curry Village are back in usage, as they should be.


Those of us who prefer being called Persons of Maturity rather than Senior Citizens remember the days when we took photos with our cheap Brownie cameras and had them converted to slides.

Not anymore. Modern photographic technology has put those slide-making companies out of business. You may find one somewhere, but the price is prohibitive.

In some closet at our house, we have many trays of slides. Also an old projector that works well, and even its collapsible screen. Anyone wanting to borrow should just call.


It is unfortunate that winning sports teams decline our president’s invitation to visit the White House.

It shows just how divided our country is at present. Will that change after 2020, when you can bet the voter turnout may set a record?


A while back it was rumored that a third large hotel will be constructed just off Sperry Avenue on Patterson’s west side.

Although not yet official, I’ve seen where the hotel will be located as well as its corporate name.

First, we have to see construction finished on the second one.

PI editor/publisher emeritus

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