Local commuters Haj Aguilar and Lacie Goddu found the Apricot Fiesta treasure early the morning of Thursday, May 30, but did not contact the Irrigator until after the office closed for Fiesta Weekend at 5:00 that afternoon.

Aguilar and Goddu, who live and commute together, work nights. When they arrived home early Thursday morning, they solved the final clue. They considered waiting until after they’d slept, and had actually gotten into bed, but at Lacie’s insistence, they went to look for it. 

“She was like, ‘I really want to go right now. I think I know where it’s at.’”

“So I think it’s at Century 21, right over there in front, and you can’t park in front of a dumpster, because you’ll get a ticket there; you’ll get towed. So, she was like, ‘let’s go look,’” Aguilar said, his voice still reflecting Goddu’s enthusiasm a few days later.

“We stop at the first dumpster, and I get out, I’m searching everywhere around it; can’t seem to find it.” They also thought it could be on a fire hydrant. Aguilar spotted a hydrant across the street, near the skate park, and decided to check there if they didn’t find the treasure in the immediate area.

Having no luck at the first dumpster, the pair started toward the next; Aguilar on foot and Goddu in their vehicle. “As I’m walking, I see a fire hydrant right in the middle of the parking lot, by a big tree. And so, without even telling her, I go walk over there towards it, and, I can’t find it. I’m looking up in the tree, trying to find it somewhere. I look around; I walk all the way around it, and right before I’m about to leave,” using the light on his cell phone, “I see a little bit of discoloration, so I go down there and I look some more, and I see there’s a little piece of tape, like, lifted on the corner.

“So then I pulled it out, and there was the card. And I yelled for her, and she came running to me. So I think it was what, five minutes, we looked in that area.”

Goddu said they had been following the clues, which said buy new home, find a new doctor, “then he thought the fire hydrant, because it kept saying you’re getting hotter, and now it said, ‘you should be on fire now.’”

Aguilar said his first guess was the dumpster. “So then, I was like, ok, fire,” Aguilar said. “Well, what do you put (a fire) out with? A fire hydrant. And it made sense, with, ‘you can get a ticket if you park in front of me,’ and, so, at first, I was like, ‘well what’s around there? There’s a dumpster.’ I knew the dumpsters were there, so I was like, maybe that’s it.” The fire hydrants could wait.

“My first initial guess was the dumpster. And she even looked it up online, to see if you can get a ticket for parking in front of a dumpster, and you can. So, I was walking around the whole dumpster. It was kinda gross in there; I’m like looking in; I thought maybe it could have been on the bottom of the dumpster, because I knew (the treasure had been) there for a while,” but then realized “they wouldn’t put it somewhere where it could get lost. So then I thought, maybe it was underneath. Nobody’s gonna see it underneath, if they come, and they pick it up. But then I was like, I don’t really want to (go under there.)” After looking unsuccessfully under the dumpster using light from his cell phone, Aguilar decided to move on. “’If it’s there, it’s there,’” he said, preferring to walk away rather than risk further investigation under the dumpster. “And, so, the very next place we look, I find it!”

The money will come in handy for Aguilar and Goddu, who said they are moving and will need a few things, including a microwave.

 Aguilar has lived here for three years, he said, but this was the first time he’s searched for the treasure. 

Clue #1: Start where we left off and head to the highway. You might need to gas up.

Clue #2: Is it time to buy a new ride for your journey? Make sure the fluids are topped off; it could get hot.

Clue #3: That’s My Les Schwab Story. It’s getting hotter.

Clue #4: Head to the Shopping Center. You might need some water, the heat is getting worse.

Clue #5: When you move into town, you need to purchase a new house and get a new doctor. But if you park in front of me while you are there, you will get a ticket. You should be on fire now!

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