8-count Dance Company

Front row, left to right: Caitriona Fredrickson, Gillian Brudnicki, Aaliyah Gonzales, Giuliana Gutierrez, Aubrey Rosas, Averie Condit.

Back row, left to right: Teacher Erin Polyzos, Ashley Gordon, Aliyah Rosas, Ava Garcia, Hailey Kolding, Nathalia Fuerte, Samantha Montoya, Laura Cañas,Simran Grewal, Teacher/Owner Brittney Black.

The Company competition dance team wrapped up their 2018-19 inaugural competition season in April.

The Company, led by owner/choreographer Brittney Black, attended multiple competitions this season and came home with numerous top overall awards, judges awards, flexibility awards, a $500 scholarship and the New York Experience Award.

The ladies attended conventions and competitions all throughout Northern California, from Radix in Santa Clara to Hollywood Dance Jams in Sacramento and competitions in Santa Clara, Sacramento and Fresno.

The inaugural team proudly consisted of Gigi Brudnicki, Laura Canas, Averie Condit, Caitriona Fredrickson, Nathalia Fuerte, Aaliyah Gonzales, Ashley Gordon, Simran Grewal, Giuliana Gutierrez, Hailey Kolding, Samantha Montoya, Aliyah Rosas, Aubrey Rosas and Ava Ruiz. All dancers attend school locally in Patterson and range from High School to 2nd Grade.

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