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Sacred Heart School has announced the names of students who earned awards in April:


Kindergarten: Chloe DelDon, Ezra Furtado, Addison Lara

First grade: Allison Stovall, Jace Yamamoto

Second grade: Sebastian Melero, Samuel Navarro Ceja

Third grade: Addison Emehiser, Jorge Garcia

Fourth grade: Savanna Paradee, Angeline Watson

Fifth grade: Eduardo Davalos, Adaly Navarro, DJ Nunes

Sixth grade: Jack Dellis, Kenji Ramos, Kaleb Rothstein

Seventh grade: Logan Cardoso, David Rothstein, Liliana Timmons

Eighth grade: Maria Davalos, Cordelia Essers

Spirit award

Kindergarten: Coraline Anderson, Amelia Genasci

First grade: Kinsley Lara, Natalia Tinajero

Second grade: Rocky Perez, Nemo Pineda

Third grade: Dominic Alves, Jacob Soto

Fourth grade: Emmanuel Tinajero

Fifth grade: Andrew Mendez, Fatima Navarro Ceja

Sixth grade: George Dellis, Carlos Gutierrez

Seventh grade: Jilly Emehiser, Nolan Watson

Eighth grade: Jonathan Meza

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