25 Years Ago – August 11, 1994

The city is having 143 street trees planted, many of them in the downtown business district.

Over 50 vacant homes have been spotted in Patterson, unusual for a city that has long had a shortage of housing. Subdivisions completed in the past few years plus a downturn in the state’s economy are cited as major reasons. At the same time it is reported that first-time home-buying has never been easier.

The potential list of candidates running for mayor and two seats on the City Council has grown to 10.

A city ordinance requiring that property owners be responsible for maintenance of the sidewalks in front of their homes was unanimously passed this week by the City Council.

50 Years Ago – August 7, 1969

Issue missing from files

75 Years Ago – August 11, 1944

Walter Harrelson of Patterson is said to have always wanted to be a paratrooper, and thus enlisted two years ago in the military when he was 17. He has been reported killed in action in France after participating in the invasion of Normandy in June. He is the 10th confirmed local casualty.

A survey is being conducted by the Patterson Chamber of Commerce to gather information about needed laborers at the conclusion of the war. The program hopes to provide jobs for returning veterans.

The last of three local labor camps used by workers in the guayule project has been taken over by the Navy for housing purposes. It is located on Walnut Avenue.

100 Years Ago – August 7, 1919

Airplane flights featuring two Army aviators have been scheduled for this month’s Patterson Fair. They will be here, arriving from Sacramento, for three days. Special movies will be shown at the fair, and the Colony Club will serve meals.

J.O. Leverton has returned from Navy service and is partnering with J.H. Evans in the electrical business. Evans owns the telephone company.

Alberta peaches from Patterson are being shipped to eastern markets for table use.

Some 50 youngsters will receive communion from Father Diego at Sacred Heart Church. A luncheon will follow at the J.K. Kinsman residence.

William Ralston has returned from France where he served a year and a half with the Army Air Force in the supply division. He will return to the Yancey Lumber Co. staff where he previously was manager.

By Ron Swift from Irrigator files

PI editor/publisher emeritus

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