Outgoing Commissioner Applegate honored

In addition to the regular agenda on Thursday night, the Planning Commission had the rare opportunity to commend an outgoing commissioner for 10 years of service to the city.

Outgoing Commissioner David Applegate served as Vice Chairman of the committee for seven of those years, and as Acting Chairperson on several occasions.

Applegate’s long tenure included work on the city’s General Plan, as well as Housing Element and Zoning Ordinance updates.

“He caught all the major policy documents,” Planning Commission Chair Ron West said in a later interview.

Editor’s note: The city is required to create policy documents to manage its growth, but does not decide which businesses, such as fast food, warehouse, restaurants, or any others, will locate here. The city sets guidelines for the construction of new housing and business developments. Based on those policies and guidelines, area demographics and undoubtedly numerous other factors, businesses of all types independently decide whether or not to invest their resources in building housing or establishing a location in Patterson.

When West and Applegate were first on the commission, the community needed jobs, West said. The city’s General Plan, drafted and approved early in Applegate’s tenure, was written to encourage new jobs and services, which, in turn, encouraged growth to occur in the vicinity of I-5.

The first warehouse in the industrial area eventually appeared, followed quickly (by development standards) by several others.

West and Applegate sometimes had to fight for what they believed to be “the best and highest” way to manage the city’s inevitable growth – specifically, encouraging it toward the Interstate, and away from the neighborhoods and downtown. West referred to the approach as “taking advantage of where we are.”

He acknowledged Applegate’s efforts in supporting what they both believed to be in the community’s best interests during the General Plan process. “He stood up there with me,” West said. “We fought real hard. Based on his experience, which is very broad, he had his own perspective. We didn’t always agree,” he said, adding that issues “got talked out.”

“He sat next to me (on the Planning Commission) for seven years,” West said. “Somebody sits next to you for seven years… I will miss David.

“He left his mark on Patterson.”

Incoming commissioners Linares, Apland

Titus (“Tito”) Linares

Titus Linares, more commonly known as “Tito,” is a local contractor, said he’s “very excited to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this commission... I’m eager to learn… and be able to help the community.”

Lynn Apland

Patterson native Lynn Apland said he is retired after owning an engineering firm “for a lot of years,” and is a pomegranate farmer.

Church across from P.O.

A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) was approved for the Seventh Day Adventist Church to use the building at 66 North El Circulo, across from the Post Office.

Pastor Ted Baze told the commission that, in addition to worship services, the church plans to offer what he described as “life improvement seminars,” noting that church leadership has been working with the city over the past four years to understand local needs and adapt their offerings accordingly.

Transportation Master Plan

Director of Community Development David James also briefed the group on the upcoming Transportation Master Plan, saying officials are expecting the first draft of Transportation Master Plan “any day now.”

Pointing out that the Transportation Master Plan and the Circulation Element of the city’s General Plan “are two different functions,” he said city officials anticipate that the two will “mesh very well.”

He also indicated that the Circulation Element may need to be updated, to conform with the Transportation Master Plan, which will allow an opportunity to make adjustments to the former. “There may be an opportunity for us to create a little more robust Circulation Element,” by changing “bits and pieces of the Master Plan that were not fully vetted, perhaps, when the Circulation Element was adopted,” James said.

The Transportation Master Plan will appear on a future Planning Commission agenda.

Committee Chairperson Ron West “You’re right… we do need to take some time and update (the Circulation Element),” he said, pointing out that changes have occurred as development, particularly on the city’s west side, has evolved.

Villages construction

City Planner Joel Andrews mentioned construction work underway in the Villages of Patterson area, including homes, as well as the apartment project on Olive Avenue. Officials expect “quite a few new homes this year, at least the kickoff.”

Unauthorized hotel

Commissioner Eric Bendix mentioned construction that was recently occurring adjacent to the Flying J, which he said was “rumored to be a hotel,” noting that the Planning Commission “didn’t approve anything.”

“That’s all true,” Andrews said, “there’s no approval for that property.” City staff stopped the work.

Brian Bingham asked, “And they were building anyway?”

Bendix responded that they were doing construction work.

City officials had not responded to the Irrigator’s request for further information by press time.

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