Jorge Alberto Garcia

Courtesy Merced County Sheriff's Office

Update: The Irrigator received the following response from Dr. Alfano: 

"Background checks for school employees are quite extensive. All employees are fingerprinted through the Department of Justice and we receive a report.  If there are any arrests are (sic) convictions that would preclude an individual from being employed in a district, they should show up on this report. 
Applicants must also submit a valid driver's license or California I.D. along with a valid social security number, transcripts, diplomas/certificates, etc. (depending on the position).  These employment verification documents are required under federal law (Form I-9 Department of Homeland Security - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services). We also conduct reference checks with prior employers.  
I can confirm that there is nothing in these preemployment records (which go back 15 years) to indicate that he used an alias." Alfano pointed out that Garcia could have "used his father's birth name as a child, then used his mother's maiden name or that he legally changed his name some time ago."

Jorge Alberto Garcia, 30, who yesterday turned himself in to authorities in Merced County on charges related to an alleged sexual assault of an unconscious woman in her Livingston home, has been employed by the Patterson Joint Unified School District (PJUSD) since August, 2017, and works as a paraeducator at Patterson High School, PJUSD Superintendent Dr. Phil Alfano confirmed this morning.

“We were notified that he was under investigation yesterday, but just learned of his arrest this morning,” Alfano said by email. “In cases such as this, an employee will be placed on unpaid leave once they've been formally charged. If convicted, of course, the person will be dismissed. We are following up with the D.A. in Merced to learn more and will act accordingly.”

According to an online report by the Modesto Bee, Garcia, whose place of residence is listed on the Merced County Sheriff Public Services website as Newman, was at the victim’s home on July 9, and was acting strangely.

The victim reportedly asked a male friend to come to her home while Garcia, whom she knew, was allegedly there. After he knocked on the door several times, the friend went to a window and interrupted the alleged attack, waking the unconscious woman and startling the suspect. The man physically fought with the alleged attacker to free the victim. The friend drove the victim a short distance away and called 9-1-1.

Police were unable to locate Garcia, who is also known as George Lopez and Candido Roma Estrada. He turned himself in on July 16, but did not speak with investigators about the case. He has requested an attorney.

Garcia is being held on $250,000 bond on charges of sexual assault and sexual assault by use of a controlled substance.

More information on this case as it is available.

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