Put a Sock in it

Las Palmas 5th grader Abbygail Allen shows off the socks she collected during her sock drive. She collected a total of 543 pairs, and donated them to H.O.S.T. House on Monday, November 20.

Abbygail Allen wanted to do something to help homeless people – and she decided to go big. So she set out to collect 500 pairs of socks, to be donated to H.O.S.T. House.

The theme she came up with? “Put a Sock in It”.

The Las Palmas Elementary School 5th grader, who also happens to be student body president, posted a flyer on Peachjar to get the word out about the sock drive. (Peachjar is an online service that delivers school-related information to parents via email.)

To help make her 500-pair goal, Abbygail also put a collection bin at Tri Counties Bank.

Unlike most food or clothing drives, no group or committee was involved – Abbygail, assisted by her mom, pulled off the whole thing.

The sock drive ran from October 27 to November 20, and, all told, Abbygail actually surpassed her goal by 71 pairs of socks.

Asked what she learned from the experience, Abbygail said, “It’s good to help people in your community and people around you. People, when they donate things to shelters, it’s usually shirts, pants… It’s not usually socks – people don’t usually think about the little things,” she added.

Abbygail had some advice for anyone who wants to do a project like hers: “You should do it, because it’s a really great experience… It warms my heart. When we met our goal, I couldn’t stop saying, “I’m so proud of myself!” It’s a really good feeling!”

Abbygail, who wants to be a nurse, is clearly someone who thinks big. She wants to do the sock drive again next year, and is “thinking of taking it to the next level, and (making) it district-wide.”

“We are so proud of her idea and initiative and of the Las Palmas students and families for helping her meet her goal! H.O.S.T House was so appreciative of her efforts. They couldn't thank her enough,” Las Palmas Elementary School Principal Sandra Villasenor said via email.

(Editor’s Note: This story has been updated from the print version to reflect a new total of 571 pairs of socks collected, and to include some quotes from Abbygail Allen.)

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