Denham has proven time and time again that he chooses the highest bidding donor- not the Central Valley. One day its the Central Valley’ constituents health, today its water. Denham has demonstrated a willingness, yet again, to choose his wealthy water donors down South over his voters here in the Central Valley. One of Denham’s main donors is Stewart Resnick, a billionaire who owns hundreds of thousands of farm land in Kern County- very dry farm land which wants our water.

The rider Denham recently voted for (HR 6147) would make it impossible to sue to stop the tunnels. Effectively, Denham voted to authorize the Delta Tunnels to move our water away from us down south, toward donors of his, like Resnick’s farm land. Denham is bought and paid for and I feel fed up with him representing me.

Dona Kerkvliet-Varin


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