Denham did not respond to any of Harder’s claims in his recent article about water in the Bee. Denham’s silence on addressing his vote for the rider tells me Harder’s claim is true: Denham did vote for a rider that would make it easier to send our water south. Our economy relies on water and I find it frustrating we have a member of Congress who voted against our very own interest. We deserve a member of Congress who not only advocates for the Central Valley, but we deserve a representative who will actually meet with us - not dodge us at every opportunity. Denham hasn’t hosted a public town hall in over 16 months.

I am a student who sees Harder not only as the best candidate on water, but he is making every effort to understand every voters’ needs by hosting 16 town halls in 16 weeks. I find Harder’s run for Congress inspiring - he grew up here, educated himself, got good business experience - and he came back home to teach the skills he learned to build a better Central Valley economy.

Pamela Eishooi


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