Because of the ACA, I was able to buy insurance for family 4 years ago when I started my own business. Before the ACA, 30% of my patients didn’t have health insurance. They would come to the doctor only in dire circumstances, paying cash. After the ACA, almost all my patients were able to get MediCal or other insurance, and get the care they needed.

Instead of working to fix the broken parts of the ACA, Denham has repeatedly voted to repeal it. Despite his ‘promise’ not to vote for a plan that would exclude pre-existing conditions, the plan he voted for opened the door for insurance companies to do this, slashed MediCal recipients (most of whom are women and children) and ensured premiums would go up for all of us.

Denham votes with Trump 98.7% of the time. He voted for tax cuts for the rich, and supports hateful immigration policies that create fear for our family, friends and co-workers. He has remained completely silent on Trump’s many racist statements, either out of agreement or cowardice, and has trafficked in Trump’s fiction that immigrants bring crime, when research clearly indicates communities with high levels of immigrants are actually safer.

A vote for Josh Harder is a vote for someone who will fight for the issues important to our communities: affordable healthcare, jobs, and practical immigration reform that isn’t driven by fear and racism.

Elizabeth Morrison


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