Morality and ethics, which should be the only deciding factor in one’s voting choices, have been demeaned and mocked by Democrats. Freedom of speech and constitutional rights are great as long as you agree with their views. Abortion, aka eugenics (look it up), immigration and homosexuality are of great concern to Californians despite what the media says, and are who voted TWICE to ban same sex marriage in their state when it was on the ballot, but we are now forced to accept it as normal, ignoring the cdc.org gay HIV AIDS statistics. One, that African American men lead in gay HIV AIDS deaths and new transmissions. Second, homosexuals make up only 4% of our population, yet they are responsible for 67% of all HIV diagnoses in our country, with 83% diagnoses among males. More than two thirds of all Californians living with HIV reside in Los Angeles County and the San Francisco Bay Area, with 90% of new HIV infections in San Francisco are among gay men. Do we truly believe that our society needs more death and disease? Millions of sons, brothers and husbands have lost their lives to this disease, with many experimenting only once.

Abortion is murder of our most vulnerable for convenience; homosexuality has no factual benefits other than selfish pleasure, death and disease and legal immigration is the law. Without going into detail about how illegal immigration has financially destroyed our state’s economy and the truth about how criminal illegals have taken the innocent lives of thousands of children, we need to be reminded that God’s word in Romans 13 instructs believers to “yield to government rulers,” and his word is also clear on abortion and homosexuality. Anyone who professes to believe in God, a Creator, and his law, the law our great countries laws were founded on had better revisit who we are, what we believe and who we truly serve. And it is not a political party who supports everything God clearly condemns. And don’t fall into that old Democrat guilt trap that you are judging since God tells us not to judge. God has clearly and already judged and condemned every one of these issues in his word PERIOD.

Diane Griego


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