Patterson High Track and Field hosted the first-ever Tigers Streak Ruster Buster Invitational on Feb. 22 at Patterson Community Stadium. A total of four schools (Patterson, Orestimba, Los Banos and El Capitan) attended the inaugural track meet.

The PHS Track and Field program received a donation from Thompson Chevrolet earlier this year to purchase the timing system necessary to hold large meets. The journey to acquire the automatic timing system necessary to hold large track meets began last year when Glenn Ecalne took over as head coach of the Tigers track and field team.

A vision of a large track meet held at Patterson was born, and with the help of then-senior Janette Alvarez committing to the goal as part of her senior project, the Tigers raised over a third of the estimated $7,500 necessary to purchase the equipment in 2018.

In stepped Thompson Chevrolet, who donated the remaining funds needed not only for the automatic timing system, but also the medals to be handed out to the top three finishers of each competition earlier this year.

“Thompson Chevrolet did a great job assisting in the event. We met with them about five times during the process and since they've done events like this for other sports teams, they were used to what was needed to make the event successful. The snack bar was all supplied by Thompsons Chevrolet, and they organized the raffle prizes and radio station (KWIN) to be there,” head coach Glenn Ecalne said via email. “We couldn't have asked for a more involved sponsor. Their thought process was that they didn't just want to cut a check and just walk away. They wanted this to be something that would be replicated year over year, and to create something together that the athletes and town would remember. I believe that their vision and assistance created a great environment for the athletes, spectators and volunteers alike. The schools that attended have already committed to coming next year.”

Ecalne was pleased with the overall success of the event that has been a year in the making.

“It is one of the first meets in the season that is offered, and it served its purpose in that it is bringing the community around track and field, and giving the athletes that participated a chance to get rid of some rust, hence the ‘Ruster Buster Invitational.’ In my years in Patterson, I haven't seen a turnout like this for track and field.”

Below are the top three finishers of each varsity category on Friday.


100 Meters

1.) Divine Peters, 11.42, El Capitan

2.) Favour Nnaji, 11.83, Patterson

3.) Davante Imhoff, 11.87, Patterson

200 Meters

1.) Divine Peters, 23.40, El Capitan

2.) Obadiah Godbolt, 23.78, Patterson

3.)Davante Imhoff, 24.75, Patterson

400 Meters

1.) Obadiah Godbolt, 53.45, Patterson

2.) Naseem Hassaan, 54.64, El Capitan

3.) Brayden Jones, 58.49, Los Banos

800 Meters

1.) Jesus Medina, 2:16.42, Patterson

2.) Angel Garza, 2:16.68, Patterson

3.) Grant Kelly, 2:17.41

1600 Meters

1.) Jesus Medina, 4:55.54, Patterson

2.) Grant Kelly, 4:56.49, Patterson

3.) Joshua Hurlock, 5:12.36, Orestimba

3200 Meters

1.) Joshua Hurlock, 11:48.17, Orestimba

2.) Adrian Contreras, 12:47.22, Patterson

3.) Aaron Valverde Ruiz, 12:50.41, Patterson

110m Hurdles 39”

1.) Brayden Jones, 15.74, Los Banos

2.) Manuel Ponce, 19.87, Patterson

300m Hurdles 36”

1.) Brayden Jones, 46.42, Los Banos

2.) Joshua Hurlock, 46.43, Orestimba

3.) Seth Moore, 47.46, Patterson

4X100 Relay

1.) Davante Imhoff, Favour Nnaji, Obadiah Godbolt, Precious Nnaji, 45.06, Patterson

2.) Benjamin Hernandez, Justin Johnson, Mellad Sultani, Michael Ekwueme, 49.49, Patterson

3.) Shawn Pizarro, Isaiah Mar, Tyler Vargas, Omar Mendoza, 52.84, Orestimba

4X400 Relay

1.) Benjamin Hernandez, Favour Nnaji, Precious Nnaji, Obadiah Godbolt, 3:50.04, Patterson

2.) Divine Peters, Naseem Hassaan, 3:54.29, El Capitan

3.) Jacob Dominguez, Soloman Bell, Josh Lucas, Isaiah Mar, 4:08.20, Orestimba

Shot Put

1.) Logan Foumai, 39-03.75, Patterson

2.) Maciel Martinez, 37-00.75, Orestimba

3.) Kevin Somel, 33-05.50, Patterson


1.) Jaden Michael, 112-04, El Capitan

2.) Eric Perkins, 93-10, Orestimba

3.) Maciel Martinez, 89-10, Orestimba

High Jump

1.) Seth Moore, 5-08, Patterson

2.) Soloman Bell, 5-06, Orestimba

3.) Michael Ekwueme, 5-04, Patterson

Pole Vault

1.) Mokbel Obeid, 9-00, Patterson

2.) Alfredo Perez, 7-00, Los Banos

Long Jump

1.) Tyler Vargas, 32-00, Orestimba

2.) Izaiah Flores, 18-08, Los Banos

3.) Jacob Dominguez, 18-05, Orestimba

Triple Jump

1.) Tyler Vargas, 41-02

2.) Davian Vang, 35-06, El Capitan


100 Meters

1.) Nylah Hassaan, 12.82, El Capitan

2.) Arionna Imhoff, 13.22, Patterson

3.) Eleanor Tristao, 14.12, Los Banos

200 Meters

1.) Anaya Shelton, 27.21, El Capitan

2.) Arionna Imhoff, 28.23, Patterson

3.) Angeline Dauz, 30.41, Patterson

400 Meters

1.) Anaya Shelton, 1:03.84, El Capitan

2.) Ada Jack, 1:07.20, Patterson

3.) Leslie Hernandez, 1:07.70, Los Banos

800 Meters

1.) Ada Jack, 2:44.91, Patterson

2.) Natalie Cuevas Arevalo, 2:59.57, Patterson

3.) Nylah Hassaan, 3:03.29, El Capitan

1600 Meters

1.) Leslie Hernandez, 6:09.64, Los Banos

2.) Salma Deleon, 6:49.68, Patterson

3.) Tianna Rodriguez, 6:57.23, El Capitan

3200 Meters

1.) Leslie Hernandez, 13:19.09, Los Banos

2.) Salma Deleon, 14:58.86, Patterson

3.) Angelica Hernandez, 14:59.37, Patterson

100m Hurdles 33”

1.) Amelia Smith, 18.44, Los Banos

2.) Michelle Ekwueme, 19.14, Patterson’

3.) Cynthia Gonzalez, 21.66, Los Banos

300m Hurdles 30”

1.) Michelle Ekwueme, 54.86, Patterson

2.) Adriana Rocha, 1:04.13, Orestimba

3.) Cynthia Gonzalez, 1:06.72, Los Banos

4X100 Relay

1.) Trista Cherry, Arionna Imhoff, Michelle Ekwueme, Angeline Dauz, 54.09, Patterson

2.) Alizaya Mendez, Alyssa Trovao, Kaitlyn Gray, Jessica Villarea, 57.85, Orestimba

4X400 Relay

1.) Arionna Imhoff, Michelle Ekwueme, Ada Jack, Angeline Dauz, 5:11.63, Patterson

Shot Put

1.) Ajah Hassaan, 24-07.25, El Capitan

2.) Jackie Bangle, 20-08.25, Los Banos

3.) Brianna Moreno, 20-00.00, Patterson


1.) Ajah Hassaan, 68-07, El Capitan

2.) Brianna Moreno, 63-04, Patterson

3.) Aaliyah McDonald, 61-06, Patterson

High Jump

1.) Amelia Smith, 4-08, Los Banos, Herrera Celine, 4-08, Los Banos

2.) Samantha Jones 4-02, Los Banos, Sidney Carrigan, 4-02, Los Banos

Pole Vault

1.) Kahyla Brambila, 6-03, Patterson

2.) Paulina Garcia, 6-00, Los Banos

Long Jump

1.) Jackie Bangle, 13-07, Los Banos

2.) Michelle Ekwueme, 13-04, Patterson

3.) Herrera Celine, 12-03, Los Banos

Triple Jump

1.) Sidney Carrigan, 28-08, Los Banos

2.) Herrera Celine, 28-03, Los Banos

3.) Krystina Joiner, 24-07, Los Banos

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