Some of you may have noticed a bright yellow sign on the window as you entered Malone’s Grille this past week.

Yes, Malone’s Grille has sold.  Most importantly, this decision to sell has been entirely of my own making. Simply, I am tired.  The truth is that it was not for sale, and the opportunity was presented to me.  After a successful meeting, I realized that after 36 years, it was a dream for me to take some time for myself.

Most importantly, my priority was to leave my employees, my customers and Scotts Valley in good hands.  You all will be in good hands.

The new owners, Taylor and Ryan Fontana are Scotts Valley-raised.

They live here, went to school here and have a heart for their city. Taylor has been a general manager for a restaurant/bar in Santa Cruz and has

experience in the food industry.  Ryan is in sales and is eager to meet

this challenge.

They both breathe the excitement, dreams and energy that I did when my husband and I started Malone’s in 1980.

What is in store?  Yes, the name remains Malone’s Grille.

Our Malone’s “Almost a Pound” signature burger….remains #1.

Our oven roasted prime rib “French Dip and Fred Dip” remains #1

Our 450 pounds of corned beef on St. Paddy’s Day, friendly service, music on the patio, a smile to greet you, chefs and staff – still here to serve you!

Every owner has their dream and new blood is always welcome. I am excited and welcome additions and changes. I know you will too!

For me? As my husband and I first drove down Scotts Valley Drive 36 years ago, one stop-light, fast food a dream of the future, and making way for the horses who shared the street, we were kids buying a bar with a dream and a prayer.

It was a quarter for a beer and  90 cents for a drink. We opened the restaurant three months later, grew with this wonderful city, sharing ground with Seagate, Victor, Borland, small businesses and a community that loves to live here.

Scotts Valley is one of the true “Mayberry” towns that so many of us cherish.  I have been so fortunate to share my heart with an incredible giving community, serve on our Chamber, City Advocates, the fireworks, and work with many of you.

To all of the wonderful people whom I have had the opportunity to work with over the past 36 years – thank you.

To a staff that shares my heart with their passion for service –thank you.

To our thousands of awesome guests who have supported, laughed, drank, sipped, chomped, ate, danced, sang, met, smiled, cried, cheered, and loved us – from the bottom of my heart, thank you and I will never forget!

The times shared, friendships forged and the incredible successes which we have enjoyed have been an extraordinary part of my life. 

I am very proud of what we have achieved and they have been times I will never forget.

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