Cannabis will be the main topic of discussion when the Tracy City Council meets Tuesday night for a special session.

The agenda for Tuesday’s workshop was not available at press time, but city spokeswoman Carissa Higginbotham said it’s a continuation of a discussion the council had Feb. 19, when the council extended an urgency ordinance prohibiting outdoor and commercial cultivation and sale of cannabis within city limits.

Higginbotham noted that the city staff is developing permanent regulations regarding cannabis sales, with the objective of creating a local law on the matter. Tuesday’s council workshop is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday at Tracy City Hall, 333 Civic Center Plaza.

Proposition 64, approved by California voters in 2016, allows adults to have, use and grow cannabis and sets limits on how much people can grow or possess. It is still up to local city and county governments to decide where cannabis-related businesses will be allowed within local jurisdictions.

So far, the city of Tracy has not allowed — and the state Bureau of Cannabis Control has not licensed — any cannabis businesses inside city limits, though lists several cannabis delivery businesses that serve Tracy customers.

On Jan. 15 of this year, the City Council adopted an urgency ordinance to prohibit commercial cannabis operations within city limits. A month later, the council voted to extend it, but the California Government Code states that the ban can stay in place for only 10½ months before the city must create a zoning ordinance to address where such a business could be allowed to operate. The ban expires in January.

The City Council, at its Feb. 5 meeting, also directed the city staff to draft local regulations that could allow a variety of cannabis-related businesses, including storefronts, as well as policies to guide monitoring and enforcement of those regulations.

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