A 54-year-old Tracy man was killed on July 16 when his bicycle struck a car on West Grant Line Road near the San Joaquin Delta College Mountain House Campus.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department identified the cyclist on Monday as George Sartor.

California Highway Patrol officer Hector Davila said the accident occurred shortly after 5:30 p.m. on West Grant Line Road at the intersection with Central Parkway, a road that leads to the Mountain House college campus.

Davila said that according to witnesses, Sartor was heading east on Grant Line approaching the three-way stop as a Ford Focus in the westbound lanes turned left from the turn lane to go south on Central Parkway into the campus.

CHP Sgt. Robert Rickman said that witnesses reported that the bicyclist ran through the stop sign and struck the car broadside in the right rear door area as it turned.

Sartor was wearing a helmet when he hit the car, but Rickman said that blunt force trauma from the impact killed him.

Rickman said the CHP believed the bicycle was traveling about 35 mph when it struck the car, but the investigation is ongoing.

The impact broke the frame of the bicycle, a Leopard Cycles DC1 road bike. It also caused what Davila described as “significant damage” to the car.

The driver of the Focus, a 20-year-old woman from Manteca, was uninjured. Sartor was riding alone, and no one else was involved in the crash, Davila said.

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Tryshluw, thank you so much for taking the time to leave this note. A friend of George's shared this on his strava page and I'm sure this will reach his family and other friends. Thank you for all your efforts. We appreciate it.


I was one of the first responders on the scene.As someone who has also lost a family member to an accidental death,I just wanted to share some insight for the family of Mr Sartor.
I was amazed at the team of about 6 people that helped with compressions,breaths and calling 911.One lady took it upon herself to direct traffic in order to keep us all safe while we performed CPR.His last moments I can assure you where with dignity and a love and passion to do our very best for him.The EMT'S worked very hard to continue CPR as well when they arrived .I pray that you may find some measure of comfort in this as time passes.We were all crushed and hurt when we realized our efforts to save him had failed.I am so sorry for your loss.


Sorry for the loss of life but bicycle riders and motorbike riders do not follow any laws and ride so reckless and speed.


Sorry for the loss of life but SOME bicycle riders and motorbike riders AND CAR DRIVERS do not follow any laws and ride so reckless and speed.

Fixed that for you.[wink]


The description of events does not add up.

According to the article the Focus was on Grant Line headed east then made a left turn to head south. If the focus was headed east then turned left it would then be headed north, not south.

Assuming what is actually meant is that the eastbound car turned right to go South toward the campus then I don't see how it and a westbound cyclist would ever run into each other, unless the cyclist was on the wrong side of the road.

I suspect that instead the directions of the car and cyclist are reversed. The cyclist was probably headed east (downhill, allowing him to possibly reach the claimed 35 mph.) and the car was headed west. It would then make sense that the Focus turned left to go South and it would also make sense that the two could get together if the cyclist ran the stop sign.

Good Old Granny

The cyclist was headed towards Mountain House parkway, and the driver was turning left onto Central Avenue. The article got it correct (or they changed it after seeing your comment). I saw this accident shortly after it happened. That car had a huge dent on the side. He must have been flying. Bicyclists fly by on there and run that stop all the time.
I see cars driving on the wrong side of the road there every morning at around 6:30. They are going about 80 miles an hour, blow through the stop sign and cut into traffic after the stop sign.


According to the header they updated the article yesterday, which was after my posting. They previously had the directions of travel of the cyclist and car reversed.

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