Jeff Denham

Rep. Jeff Denham, during a ceremony at Tracy City Hall in October 2015.

Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Turlock, announced last week his support for two bills in the House of Representatives designed to combat international human trafficking.

House Resolution 515 applies the principles of Megan’s Law to international travel. If it were made law, whenever a registered child sex offender planned to travel abroad, the U.S. government would notify the destination country. The law is designed to curb child sex offenders from participating in sex trafficking tourism.

“This type of behavior has great consequences,” Denham said in an interview Friday. “Not only is it immoral, but the penalties are so great — to be labeled as a child sex offender and to be put on a list, it would affect your job, your marriage, your family.”

H.R. 400 deals with workers who travel to other countries for a job. The bill would require the Secretary of State and the administrator of the United States Agency for International Development to submit reports on contracts and financial inducements in overseas work for the purpose of preventing indentured servitude in other countries.

The 10th District congressman said that he was also in contact with the sheriff’s departments in San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties to help them in battling local sex trafficking.

“Oftentimes, human trafficking is out of sight, out of mind. When you realize not only is it happening in your community, but that young women are being targeted in your community, it really hits home,” Denham said. “It’s always been a priority, because I have a daughter. This has always been a big concern as a father, but also something within our community.”


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