Before the sun rose Wednesday morning, crews were working to pour the first three home foundations at Tracy Hills off Corral Hollow Road.

Janco Industries poured 220 cubic yards of concrete for the three foundations that will become model homes for Meritage Homes.

Several cement trucks poured concrete into a hopper, and from there it was pumped with a boom across the foundation forms.

Planning for Tracy Hills began in the 1990s, and the first homes are in Phase 1A of the 4,700-home master-planned community. Phase 1A will occupy about 2,732 acres along the north side of Interstate 580, which will be filled with about 1,100 homes and a 50-acre business park. Future phases will move to the south of the freeway and into the foothills.

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Ahh, Tracy used to be a sleepy little town. Then it grew, and grew, and grew, ready to bust at the seams. So sad to see this development. All it will mean is more traffic, ground paved over, resources used up, etc.. Watch Tracy, and the outlying areas turn into the bay area. Overcrowding, and more crime. The things people moved here for (quiet, small town atmosphere) are quickly disappearing. Greed by the developers (making their bucks and then some), greed by the city and county (getting their tax revenue). So sad to see it. But that's "Progress", right?


I agree 100 percent! It's the greedy developers... and the MORE greedy children/grandchildren that have inherited the once beautiful farmland who decided to sell out for the almighty dollar. Now we get the self-entitled Silicon Valley transplants that think they can make our small town into a Silicon Valley? NO WAY! People really need to speak up and take a stand against the "SPRAWL" that is taking place and ruining Tracy! Our quality of life is being stomped on!

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