The latest Tracy citizen to join the 2020 race for mayor of the city is Abdul Wahid, who plans to bring his passion for telecommunications technology to city government.

Wahid, 62, has been a Tracy resident since 1994. Though this will be his first run for elected government office, Wahid has a long resume of leadership positions in nongovernmental organizations. As a world traveler, he has applied his knowledge of telecommunications technology to problem-solving around the globe.

“I’ve been on the emerging part of technology all my life,” Wahid said, noting that he started with radios and has been active in every facet of communications technology since, leading up to creation of his own company, Miskita Consulting, and the development of internet applications.

He has led a project to lay down underwater telecommunications lines in his native Fiji; had a 12-year career with Cisco Systems; and from 2005 to 2010 led a development team for telecommunications technology in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Locally, he founded the Tracy Islamic Center and is a member of the Measure V oversight committee. He’s involved with sports as well, serving as a soccer coach for youth teams.

His experience with communications, including application development and broadcast streaming, will be a key component of his campaign and of his leadership strategy if he’s elected.

“My aim to make connected citizens with connected technology,” he said. “That means that every citizen of this city, I want them to be connected together, whether it’s business, whether it’s health care, whether it’s public transportation or individuals who want to basically talk to each other.”

Once city leadership embraces that vision, he expects that the change in culture will attract high-tech businesses to town.

“We have smart people in Tracy. A lot of smart people are coming here, and they want to work in Tracy, but we don’t have the infrastructure and we don’t have the technology to do that,” he said. “The moment you say that Tracy will be a connected city, you’ll see that all of these high-tech companies will want to talk to us, because they want to be a part of the joint venture. That’s the only way you can start bringing those high-tech jobs over here.”

Wahid filed his Form 501 on July 9, stating his intention to be a candidate for mayor. He joins Councilwoman Nancy Young and businesswoman Jass Sangha in the race for mayor.

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Sports editor at the Tracy Press

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