A man called police at 2:10 a.m. Saturday saying he was assaulted by bouncers at the Grant Bar and Lounge, 2706 Pavilion Parkway. The man was with his wife at the hospital emergency room complaining about injuries from the bouncers at the bar. He told police he didn’t do anything to provoke the bouncers. Officers went to the bar to view security camera footage. On the video they saw the man was asked to take off his hat multiple times and when he refused he was escorted out of the bar. The man was seen hopping a fence to get back into the patio area where he was confronted by bouncers. The man was asked several times to leave and at one point grabbed a bouncer by the arm. The bouncer threw the man causing him to fall over the patio fence. The man then got up and threw a table at a parked car. Officers went back to the man and told him what was on the video and he decided not to press charges against the bouncers.

Tracy police received 1,402 calls for service from April 4 through Wednesday. The following is a sampling of those calls as they were documented in real time.


6:56 a.m.: A Ford Mustang ended up in a ditch along Valpico Road just east of Tracy Boulevard after witnesses say the driver was speeding and trying to pass other cars. The driver was not injured and an officer helped him call a tow truck.

8:49 a.m.: An employee at La Plaza, 3225 N. Tracy Blvd., called to report two other employees were caught stealing $6,000 worth of beer. The called reported that the two men may have stolen up to $50,000 worth of beer since September. Officers arrested both men and took a phone into evidence.

1:28 p.m.: Officers arrested a man for breaking into a home on the 600 block of Harold Smith Drive. A neighbor saw something suspicious at the home and called 911. Officers surrounded the house and found the back door open. A K9 officer led the way into the house and began a search. They found a 30-year-old man inside and arrested him. Someone matching his description was seen the day before acting suspiciously.

1:38 p.m.: A woman who lives on the 900 block of Waylinn Lane reported that her house was spray-painted with graffiti. She believed that a juvenile she knows did it. She said the child’s mother was going to have him repaint the area of her house.

1:58 p.m.: A woman who lives on the 3200 block of Buthmann Avenue called 911 after a 23-year-old man rang her front doorbell and then went around the side of the home to the back yard. She hid upstairs in a locked room while on the phone with dispatchers. She then saw the man leave her yard and walk south. An officers caught up with the man and arrested him on a felony burglary charge and took him to San Joaquin County Jail.


12:10 a.m.: A man wearing just boxer shorts was seen running down Chester Drive yelling. Police found the man and arrested him for being drunk in public. He had left two children sleeping at home who were turned over to their mother.

5:25 a.m.: Customers at OrangeTheory Fitness, 1855 W. 11th Street, were concerned about a man loitering in front of the business. Police had the man move along.

8:27 a.m.: An employee at the AM-PM Mini Mart, 3425 N. Tracy Boulevard, said a man with a gun robbed the store. The employee said the man was transient with possibly a small handgun and was last seen heading toward the Econolodge. Police found the man near Wendy’s and arrested him. Police couldn’t find a handgun on the man or in the general area. The employee later said he never saw a handgun and thought the man had one in his pocket. Police said no crime had been committed and told the man not to come back to the store.

10:40 a.m.: Police were called to West Valley Mall, 3200 Naglee Road, after 40 to 50 students truant from West High were spotted. The students were skipping an assembly and officers took the names of several of the students. School administration said they would deal with the students.

11:25 a.m.: A caller from Brookdale Senior Living, 355 W. Grant Line Road, said someone had printed checks with his mother’s account information and was making purchases with them. The man said he might know who was doing it.

12:20 p.m.: A homeless person set up a tent to the rear of the Tracy Public Library property and was asked to take it down. After a half an hour the tent was still up and library employees called the police.

2:13 p.m.: A resident in the 2700 block of Balboa Drive called to complain about barking dog. The resident said the dogs had been barking nonstop for four to six months and that they had called animal control about the dogs numerous times but no action was ever taken. Police checked and there was no record of barking complaints at the home. Police talked to the owner of the dogs and told them about the noise complaint.

2:42: Police were called about three homeless people who blocking the entrance and the ATM and scaring customers at Uncle Credit Union, 1829 W. 11th Street.

3:00 p.m.: Employees at Wendy’s, 725 Cover Road, called police about a man passed out a table with a marijuana cigarette in his hand. The man was the same person involved in an armed robbery call earlier in the day next door at the AM-PM Mini Mart. The man was arrested for being intoxicated in public.

4:55 p.m.: A community mailbox on the 400 block of Burr Court was broken into. A caller said a white Dodge pickup that was unfamiliar to the neighborhood was parked in front of the mailbox.

9:35 p.m.: A property owner received a call from a neighbor saying there was someone in her house in the 200 block of Derecho Way walking around with a flashlight. The property owner was in Stockton when she got the call from the neighbor. Police checked the property backyard and couldn’t see anyone with a flashlight in the house.

10:29 p.m.: A homeless man and woman got into an argument with employees outside of Foodmaxx, 1950 W. 11th Street. The man was sleeping under a blanket in front of the store with the woman with food all over the ground around them. When store employees asked them to clean the area and leave the woman began to scream at them. Employees said they were cleaning the mess but were still screaming and upsetting customers. Police talked to the man and woman who were getting ready to leave.


12:12 a.m.: A man ran from the police after an officer stopped his car on Lincoln Boulevard near Lowell Avenue. He went north into a neighborhood off Lincoln Boulevard. A passenger who remained in the car was arrested at gunpoint. Police searched nearby yards and asked for help from a helicopter crew out of Stanislaus County, which spotted the man hiding on a roof and guided officers to his hiding spot. The man was arrested and booked into the San Joaquin County Jail on charges of obstructing or resisting an officer, transporting a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

1:46 a.m.: A caller said a naked man was standing near a vehicle near the Tracy Hills development at Corral Hollow and Interstate 580. Police did not find the naked man.

6:11 a.m.: A caller at Island Gourmet Restaurant, 1421 W. 11th St., said a man was refusing to leave the business even though he had asked the man to leave twice. Police talked to the man and noted his information.

7:28 a.m.: Someone asked for extra police patrols at Beverly Place and Chester Drive because of cars running through the stop signs as children were crossing.

9:39 a.m.: A woman called and said her ex-husband was keeping her things in a storage unit at Extra Space Storage, 787 E. 11th St., and refusing to return them to her.

12:36 p.m.: Employees at CVS, 1885 W. 11th St., said two men tried to steal cases of liquor from the store — the same people who had stolen cases of liquor from the store a week earlier. They left the store, but the employees told the police they wanted the men warned never to return.

2:10 p.m.: Someone reported a home burglary on the 400 block of Pombo Square Drive.

5:09 p.m.: A caller said three teenagers were climbing in a building on the 900 block of North Central Avenue and two of them had reached the roof. When police, arrived a passerby said the teens had left the building.

8:48 p.m.: A caller said two baseball teams were “getting into it” as they left the field at Ritter Family Ball Park, 2001 Bessie Ave. The callers said there were about 13 people on each team and they had bats but weren’t threatening anyone with them. Police talked to a parent, who said there was no problem between the teams, and everyone left.

10:43 p.m.: A resident in the 1700 block of Mason Lane said four or five people were taking things out of his neighbor’s pickup. He said he looked out his window when he heard a “ruckus” and saw the burglary in progress. The people got into a Range Rover and left, leaving some things behind.


12:58 a.m.: A driver on Third Street said a man walking down the middle of the road punched his limousine four times as he drove past him. Police found the man at First Street and Central Avenue and arrested him.

2:34 a.m.: A man at Taco Bell, 915 S. Tracy Boulevard, told police the name of another man he said he was beat him up two years ago. The man told police the name of the man because he wanted the assault documented.

6:36 a.m.: A driver on the 600 block of W Sixth Street said there was another driver in a Scion that tried to run him off the road.

10:27 a.m.: A mailbox was reported hit by a vehicle overnight in the 500 block of Sequoia Boulevard.

1:09 p.m.: A resident in the 800 block of Sultana Drive said he had a video recording or burglaries to four vehicles on April 4 that had gone unreported. Police said they would wait to see what the video showed.

3:24 p.m.: A security officer monitoring the Kaiser medical center, 2185 W. Grant Line Road, by video saw three homeless people steal a green linen cart from the loading dock. Security asked police to check the area but found that the homeless people were already gone.

3:55 p.m.: A caller said they were shot twice in the back with a pellet gun by a passenger in a gray Toyota driving on 11th Street between Corral Hollow and Lammers roads. About an hour later a 13-year-old boy was grazed in the eyebrow while riding a bike near Third Street and Central Avenue. It was no known what kind of weapon was used. About 10 minutes later neighbors in the 300 block of W. Highland Avenue said a silver Toyota drove through the neighborhood and a person in the car shot out all the windows of their car with a pellet gun.

5 p.m.: A caller said a group of about 20 kids armed with bats were fighting next to Poet Christian School, 1701 S. Central Avenue. Another caller said about 20 kids were fighting near the bathrooms in Larsen Park next to the school. The group of kids ran from the area when police arrived. Police were able to detain several of the kids and found out they arrived before the fight had actually started.

7:42 p.m.: A man was reported passed out in the driver’s seat of a car with a syringe on his lap in the parking lot of Marshalls, 2481 Naglee Road. Police and an ambulance checked on the man woke up. The man was cited and released for controlled drug and paraphernalia possession charges.

8:12 a.m.: A 15-year-old boy said he was on an online video game chat room when he was told if he didn’t rape his younger sister on video they would kill him and his family.

9:59 p.m.: A caller said a car had knocked over a light pole on Macarthur Drive near Grant Line Road and it was blocking the roadway. Police found the accident was a Nissan convertible that had crashed into the pole sending it across the street blocking lanes. the driver was uninjured and police blocked the street until public works crews could remove the light pole.


12:19 a.m.: A man who was unconscious in his car stopped in a turn lane at Tracy Boulevard and Clover Road was arrested for drunken driving.

12:21 a.m.: A man who threatened to shoot up Taylor Farms Pacific, 1820 N. Macarthur Drive was sitting in a car with the engine running in the business’ parking lot. The man had been fired earlier in the week and said he would shoot the business. Police talked to them man in the car and told him to leave and explained the consequences if he returned to the property.

6:48 a.m.: A German shepherd and a Doberman mix were seen chasing a jogger in the first block of Highland Avenue.

8:57 a.m.: The driver of a car was asleep on Interstate 205 tried to flee from a California Highway Patrol officer. The car was found near the Target store at West Valley Mall, 3200 Naglee Road. The car was unoccupied and a citation was issued.

9:51: A man was sleeping on the top of the slides at Kenner Park, 1850 W Kavanagh Avenue. Children were running around the slide but the man was not waking up. Police checked the man who was sleeping and got his information.

11:18 a.m.: A caller said a homeless encampment with three tents had been set up in a drainage ditch near Interstate 205 and Corral Hollow Road. Police were canceled as the area was Caltrans property and they were aware of the situation.

1:06 p.m.: A woman said her iPhone 8 Plus was stolen while she was at La Plaza Market, 3225 N. Tracy Boulevard.

4:03 p.m.: A man got into an argument with neighbors at complex in the 1400 block of Wall Street when he brandished two knives and said he “would put them all in their graves.” The property’s landlord said the man had been given an eviction notice and was arguing with one of the neighbors when he went back into his home and came out with two 12-inch butcher knives which he struck together while he threatened to kill everyone. Police surrounded the area and found the man in his home where he was arrested.

6:57 p.m.: A caller said two cars were driving recklessly on Schulte Road near Tracy Boulevard. The cars were driving with the doors open and the occupants of the cars were trying to hang out of the open doors. Police were given the license plate numbers of both cars.

9:31 p.m.: A caller who refused to give police their name said “Hispanics” in a home on Hawkins Court were having a loud party and wanted it shut down. Police were unable to locate a loud party.

10:26 p.m.: About five people were in a fight outside the Shamrock, 117 W. 11th Street. The bar locked the doors some they couldn’t come inside. The people in the fight were gone when police arrived.

11:23 p.m.: A caller said there was a garage in King Alley with an open door and loud music thumping. Police talked to the residents who agreed to turn the music down.


12:48 a.m.: A stolen 2018 Ford Escape was found in a parking lot at CVS, 1885 W. 11th Street. The car was returned to the registered owner.

1:24 a.m.: A resident at Gateway Crossing Apartments in the 3500 block of W. Grant Line Road said someone tried to get into their apartment by turning the door handle. The resident thought they were the same people who rang the doorbell earlier and walked away.

6:29 a.m.: A resident in the first block of east South Street said a drunken man tried to get into her home. The woman said she didn’t know the man and he eventually walked off. Police looked for the man but couldn’t find him.

7:38 a.m.: Public works crews were called to Dr. Powers Park, 900 W. Lowell Avenue, to remove an abandoned shopping cart and debris left at the picnic table area.

8:35 a.m.: A woman in the 2900 block of Taylor Way said she was being sexually harassed by a “computer genius.” The woman said she was sent inappropriate photos of male genitals while she was chatting online with a man in Boston. She told police she would seek a restraining order against the man and talk to Boston police about the pictures.

10:53 a.m.: A caller said a detached big-rig trailer was parked in front of 1 Sloan Court for at least four days and homeless people were trying to break into it. The owner of the trailer was given a warning.

12:32 p.m.: A construction worker at Tracy Hills, Interstate 580 and Corral Hollow, said two coworkers threatened to shoot him. The man said he was in an argument with his coworkers when they told him to leave. The man said the men had been armed with a handgun in the past and he was afraid to leave. Police detained two men and said they would forward the information to the district attorney’s office for review.

3:10 p.m.: A man driving a red extended cab truck led police on a car chase that began near Arbor and Paradise avenues. An officer tried to pull the truck over for speed and other traffic violations when the truck took off at high speed through a field and onto a river levee. The truck circled back and officers pursued the truck along Delta Avenue to Macarthur Drive. Police stopped the pursuit as the truck approached town but it went on westbound Interstate 205. The chase was handed over to the California Highway Patrol who also called off the chase.

5:33 p.m.: A resident in the 4300 block of Tropaz Lane called police about a neighbor smoking marijuana outdoors. The caller said the neighbors were smoking in the backyard and the marijuana smoke was coming into his windows and his daughter was pregnant. The caller wanted police to tell the neighbors to go inside or their garage and smoke. Police told the caller it was not illegal to smoke outdoors and there may not be any enforceable violations.

7:30 p.m.: A caller said two “modified” BMWs were doing doughnuts in front of Kelly School, 535 Mabel Josephine Drive.

8:23 p.m.: A man said the catalytic converter was stolen from his Toyota pickup truck parked at the park and ride and Fourth Street and Central Avenue.

10:38 p.m.: A caller at Sycamore Village, 250 W Central Avenue, said two cars were parked in the handicap parking spaces without placards and keeping her from using them. Police issued the cars a citation.

11:10 p.m.: Police tried to contact the owner of a car registered in the 900 block of Cherry Blossom Lane after San Joaquin Sheriff deputies found it abandoned in Lathrop with the keys in it and the engine running. Police got in touch with the owner who went to pick up the car.

April 4

12:03 a.m.: Someone called 911 from the Best Western, 811 W. Clover Road, to report an auto burglary in progress. The witness saw two men running from a pickup truck in the parking lot after hearing a car alarm go off. The witness saw the men jump into a silver Honda Civic and drive off.

12:49 p.m.: The parent of a West High School student called 911 and said the mother of another student followed the girl home the day before, yelling profanities at her. The parent did not know the woman’s name. High school administrators said they would handle the situation.

3:32 p.m.: Employees at Home Depot, 2461 Naglee Road, reported that the store had been hit by a serial thief who was suspected of stealing from other Home Depots in the Bay Area. An employee told officers the store had security camera video of the man with a silver Honda Civic who broke in the store at 6:38 a.m. and took a DeWalt circular saw, a gallon of lacquer thinner and a gallon of paint remover.

5:57 p.m.: A woman in her 50s with dreadlocks and brightly colored leggings drove her car into the front of the former Arcade Zone, 3250 N. Tracy Blvd. She would not get out of the car and eventually backed away and drove off before officers arrived. They searched the area but did not find her.

6:39 p.m.: Several people called about a man with reddish blonde hair recklessly driving a red Ford Mustang convertible near Lankershire Drive and Ormonde Street and almost hitting someone on Byron Road near Corral Hollow Road. Police caught the 19-year-old and arrested him. He was in San Joaquin County Jail on Friday facing $200,000 bail for a felony charge of assault with force enough to produce great bodily injury and promoting a criminal street gang.

8:02 p.m.: A two-car collision at Whittier Avenue and Tracy Boulevard forced officers to close the northbound lanes of Tracy Boulevard for half an hour to clear the crash. Paramedics took at least one person to the hospital.

11:09 p.m.: A Tracy resident who witnessed a double murder some years ago received a message from the person imprisoned for the crime, who threatened to send gang members to the person’s home and kill anyone there. Police are investigating.

This column includes a sample of items as reported in the Tracy Police Department dispatcher’s daily log. Additional information is based on reports from officers and other law enforcement agencies. Charges may have been added or dropped as of press time, and all suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty. To report information anonymously about a crime: Crime Stoppers, 831-6847.

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