Students from Millennium, Mountain House, Tracy and West high schools put their academic skills to the test in the 38th annual San Joaquin County Academic Decathlon on Feb. 2 in Stockton.

Twelve county high schools sent teams to compete. Each team has nine members divided into three groups of three based on GPA.

The theme of this year’s decathlon was “The Sixties.” Individual contests tested the competitors’ knowledge of art, economics, language and literature, math, music, social science and science. Teams of students also competed in the live super quiz, a multiple-choice timed event in front of an audience. Speech and essay contests completed the 10-subject competition.

Tracy High’s Kevin Truong was awarded a silver Super Decathlete medal for having the second highest overall score. He competed in the honors category for his team in Division I.

The Millennium High team finished in fifth place, the highest of the four local schools. Tracy High’s team took sixth place, Mountain House came in 11th and West High finished 12th. The overall team winner was Middle College High School of Stockton, which will advance to the state championship in Sacramento in March.

Mountain House High freshman Jacqueline Prawira had the highest overall score among alternates, who competed as individuals. Millennium High alternate Ian Galvez had the next-highest score.

Several local students also won gold, silver and bronze medals in individual events.

Division 1

Millennium High School


Grace Bhatia — Second, interview.


Chris Smedley — First, economics.


Aiden Dowell — First, language/literature.

Christian Silva — Second, speech. Second, music. Second, economics.

Adam Wickett — Second, mathematics. Third, economics.

Mountain House High School


Gurkiran Bain—Third, speech. Second, economics.

Nikhita Nair—Third, social science

Tracy High School


Kevin Truong — Second, super decathlete (high score). First, science. First, music. First, mathematics. Second, economics. Second, social science. Third, language/literature.

Gurleen Parmar — First, interview. Second, speech.


Francisco Valdez — Third, mathematics.

West High School


Amrutha Kalle—First, interview.

Hadeel Abdul—Third, interview.

Division 2

Millennium High School


Nicole Engen—First, speech. First, essay.

Madelyn Beckner—Second (tie), economics. Second, social science.

Crysuel Cunanan—Second (tie), economics.


Matthew Summa—First, essay. Third, economics.

Janida Williams—Third, speech.


Mateo Ruiz—First, speech. First, music. Second, essay. Third, social science.

Izze Miracle—First, essay. Third, economics.


Millennium High School

Ivan Galvez—Second, overall alternate (high score). First, economics. Second, mathematics. Second, essay.

Richard Lew—First, mathematics.

Mountain House High School

Jacqueline Prawira—First, overall alternate (high score). First, science. Second, economics. Second, social science. Second, music. Third, language/literature.

Tracy High School

Miguel Alexander Manacio—First, essay. Third, mathematics.

Alisonn Remollino—Second, language/literature.

Pooja Adapa—Third, essay.

Adam Fellon—Third, economics.

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