The 30-year reunion of the Tracy High School class of 1989 is planned for Oct. 19, the same weekend as the Bulldogs’ homecoming festivities.

The evening reunion will be at the Tracy Moose Lodge, 35 E. Sixth St., beginning with no-host cocktails at 6 p.m. and continuing with dinner and dancing at 7 p.m. Tickets are $50 each.

Organizers also hope to reserve a section at the homecoming game.

The class has an active Facebook group, “Tracy High Class of ’89,” and welcomes new members with ties to the class.

Organizers are still searching for 57 classmates. A list of names is below.

For information, contact Christine Dydra Ybarra,, 209-541-8881; or Peggy Van Grouw,, 209-603-6614.

Missing classmates, Tracy High class of 1989

  • Erico Arreola
  • Dan Baker
  • Cean Butler
  • Rebecca Castellon
  • Ondrea Cava
  • Adrianna Fonseca
  • Lisa Gonigan
  • Elizabeth Gonzalez
  • Jessica Grandinetti
  • Katie Griffith
  • Martha Guzman
  • Vicki Hendrickson
  • Claudius Herwig
  • Tuan Ho
  • Joe Hudson
  • George Huerta
  • Mike Jenson
  • Lee Jones
  • Mike Koblos
  • Michelle Landon
  • Alexandria Limon
  • Lily Lock
  • Nicholas Manriquez
  • Arturo Martin
  • Vincent Martin
  • Shawna Mayers
  • Gabriel Medina
  • Stephanie J. Miller
  • Jennifer Morgan
  • Alicia Moses
  • Alisa Nikiel
  • Maria Paul
  • Remy Peereboom
  • Gil Racho
  • Lynda Richardson
  • Terry Ridout
  • Elizabeth Rivera
  • Jerry Ruiz
  • Kelly Runk
  • Henrik Schroeder
  • Heather Scott
  • Balbir Singh
  • Rhawn Skidmore
  • Richard Smith
  • Stacey Smith
  • Renee Stump
  • Akiko Sugiurra
  • Michael Tehada
  • Ramona Torres
  • Jeanne Twitchell
  • Annemie VandenBroek
  • Steve Vargus
  • Denise Ward
  • Scott Watts
  • Bryan Wilkinson
  • Tara Williams
  • Krissy Windle

Share plans for upcoming reunions by emailing or delivering a note to the Tracy Press, 95 W. 11th St., Ste. 101.

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