Four local wrestlers — two from Tracy High, one from West and one from Kimball — will advance to the Sac-Joaquin Section Masters tournament based on their performances at the weekend’s division-level tournament.

At the Division 2 tournament, held Friday and Saturday at Gregori High in Modesto, Tracy junior Eli Blackwell placed fourth in the 126-pound class and Tracy freshman Anthony Nunes was seventh in the 106-pound class. West sophomore Jett Multanen placed eighth in the 132-pound class.

Eli Blackwell won three matches and lost one. He forfeited the third-place match because of a possible concussion, knowing that he had locked in his place at the Masters meet.

“I felt pretty confident in my matches,” he said. “I didn’t do what I wanted to today, but that’s part of wrestling.”

He added that he felt good physically, but Tracy High wrestling coach Jonathan Blackwell, Eli’s father, said he might have suffered a concussion in the semifinals. There, Eli Blackwell lost on a decision to Adrian Heras of Turlock High, the eventual champion of the 126-pound class. Coach Blackwell said that with fourth place and a trip to Masters confirmed, he preferred to see Eli starting the next tournament strong.

The top eight in each class at the SJS Division 2 tournament go on to the Masters’ tournament, which will take place Friday and Saturday at San Joaquin Delta College.

Nunes placed seventh in the 106-pound class and is headed to the Masters tournament in his first year of high school wrestling. He went 3-2 in the tournament, including a win on a third-period pin (3:52) in his final match against Yishai Lemus of Enochs High.

“I knew that me and that guy were about even, but I took it to him and knew if I kept my pace up, I could win the match,” Nunes said.

He won two other matches by pin, and in the two matches he lost, he was still able to take something away in his efforts to get better for the next level.

“One of them I could have won; the other the guy was a little better than me and I’ve got to work harder to get better,” he said. “It is my goal this year to go to state, so I’ve got to keep pushing towards that and this is one more step.”

Multanen went 2-3 at the division tournament. In his final match, he lost on a 3-1 decision, with his opponent, William Fisher of Wood High, winning a sudden victory on a takedown in overtime after they wrestled to a 1-1 tie through the first three periods.

He also won on a decision and a pin and lost by pin twice.

Multanen feels that he defied expectations by making it to the SJS Masters meet in his first year of wrestling.

“I just always wanted to be the best,” Multanen said. “My dad, when he was young, was a judo black belt, and he went to state in Idaho and won No. 1 in state. I always wanted to get on his level so maybe I can surpass him one day and be able to be a good wrestler.”

He added that the coaches at West High, led by head coach Jon Corbett and assistant coach Roy Bravo, a West alumnus, and the training regimen have put him on a positive path.

“Every day I train as hard as I can, and I had to quit a lot of things, like hanging with the wrong people, and I had to do my homework,” he said. “I had to change my life and turn it a whole 180 degrees and go straight towards being an athlete. In retrospect, it means the world to me.”

In the SJS Division 3 tournament at Atwater High, Kimball High junior Mason Salazar qualified to advance to Masters by placing seventh in the 145-pound class.

He pinned his first opponent, lost a 12-3 major decision, won a 12-3 major decision, lost a 13-5 major decision and finished with a win on an 8-5 decision over Toure Hendricks of Capital Christian High.

It will be the first trip to the Masters tournament for Salazar, who was driven by the prospect of advancing so he could face stronger wrestlers.

“A couple of (matches) I didn’t do so well, but I bounced back and was able to go to the second day and continue on to Masters. I found my rhythm and was able to keep going,” he said. He’s also motivated by prospect of representing his school.

“Nobody from Kimball usually makes it. I’m the only one so it’s pretty cool,” he said. “I’m just trying to train harder than I ever have and get further and further.”

Sac-Joaquin Section Division 2 championships

Friday and Saturday, Gregori High, Modesto

Third place

126—Conner Shirar, Vacaville, def. Eli Blackwell, Tracy, forfeit.

Seventh place

106—Anthony Nunes, Tracy, def. Yishai Lemus , Enochs, fall.

132—William Fisher, Wood, def. Jett Multanen, West, decision.

Fourth-round consolation

126—Eli Blackwell, Tracy, def. Julius Serrano, Lincoln, decision.


126—Adrian Heras, Turlock , def. Eli Blackwell, Tracy, fall.

Third-round consolation

106—Keola Abreu, Yuba City, def. Anthony Nunes, Tracy, decision.

132—Jonathan McGuire, Yuba City, def. Jett Multanen, West, fall.

Second-round consolation

106—Anthony Nunes, Tracy, def. Dilpreet Aujla, Inderkum, fall.

113—Aaron Pannu, Inderkum, def. Forest Brandon, West, decision.

132—Jonathan McGuire, Yuba City, def. Jonathan Uhl, Tracy, major decision.

132—Jett Multanen, West, def. Jose Diaz, Turlock, fall.

152—Brendan Thao, Roseville, def. Conner Lanthier, Tracy, decision.

160—Christian Zamora, Lodi, def. Anthony Gougousis, Tracy, decision.

285—Javier Contreras, Wood, def. Angel Romo, Tracy, fall.

Second round

106—Desizion Costa, Turlock, def. Anthony Nunes, Tracy, decision.

113—Isriel Tubera, Pitman , def. Forest Brandon, West, fall.

126—Eli Blackwell, Tracy, def. Alexander Alcautar, Roseville, fall.

132—Christian Diaz, Downey, def. Jonathan Uhl, Tracy, fall.

132—Sean Busby, Inderkum, def. Jett Multanen, West, decision.

First-round consolation

106—Yishai Lemus , Enochs, def. Johnny DeStefano, West, decision.

113—Giovanni Ruiz, Downey, def. Jacob Sanchez, Tracy, fall.

120—Connor Willey, Bella Vista, def. Alex Gougousis, Tracy, decision.

138—Patrick Pieton, Woodcreek, def. Octavio Torres, Tracy, decision.

145—Mark Bonar, Roseville, def. Noah Deneau, Tracy, fall.

152—Conner Lanthier, Tracy, def. Nate Robinson, Gregori, fall.

160—Anthony Gougousis, Tracy, def. Gavin Amparo, Fairfield, major decision.

160—Steve Lukens, Wood, def. Javier Perez, West, fall.

182—Tyler Balmonte, Downey, def. Kyle Silveira, Tracy, decision.

195—Cody Meza, Antelope, def. Angel Martinez, Tracy, decision.

285—Angel Romo, Tracy, def. Gilberto Vela, Yuba City, fall.

First round

106—Anthony Nunes, Tracy, def. Elijah Rayrao, Rodriguez, fall.

106—Kainoa Medina, Vacaville, def. Johnny DeStefano, West, fall.

113—Isaiah Ferrando, Rodriguez, def. Jacob Sanchez, Tracy, fall.

113—Forest Brandon, West, def. Wyatt Pagh, Wood, fall.

120—Josh Pimentel, Enochs, def. Alex Gougousis, Tracy, decision.

126—Eli Blackwell, Tracy, def. Zaya Lazar, Enochs, fall.

132—Jonathan Uhl, Tracy, def. Xavier Chacon, Rodriguez, decision.

132—Jett Multanen, West, def. William Fisher, Wood, decision.

138—Cristian Maldonado, Wood, def. Octavio Torres, Tracy, fall.

145—Sammy Silveria, Pitman , def. Noah Deneau, Tracy, fall.

152—Isiah Rayrao, Rodriguez, def. Conner Lanthier, Tracy, decision.

160—Marcus Rossetto, Enochs, def. Anthony Gougousis, Tracy, fall.

160—Kendall La Rosa, Pitman, def. Javier Perez, West, fall.

182—Kenny Probis, Vacaville, def. Kyle Silveira, Tracy, fall.

195—Cameron Machado, Turlock, def. Angel Martinez, Tracy, fall.

285—Eric Hayward, Vacaville, def. Angel Romo, Tracy, fall.

Sac-Joaquin Section Division 3 championships

Friday and Saturday, Atwater High

Seventh place

145—Mason Salazar, Kimball, def. Toure Hendricks, Capital Christian, decision, 8-5.

Third-round consolation

145—Zachery Haase, El Capitan, def. Mason Salazar, Kimball, major decision, 13-5.

Second-round consolation

145—Mason Salazar, Kimball, def. Owen Krieger, Merced, major decision, 12-3.

220—Henry Seymour, Ponderosa, def. Ebrihim Abdallah, Kimball, fall.

Second round

145—Willi Ward, Golden Valley, def. Mason Salazar, Kimball, major decision, 12-3.

First-round consolation

220—Ebrihim Abdallah, Kimball, def. Cathan Sharp, East Union, fall.

First round

145—Mason Salazar, Kimball, def. Daniel Palmer, Lincoln, fall.

220—Jon Crawford, Del Campo, def. Ebrihim Abdallah, Kimball, fall.

Sac-Joaquin Section Division 4 championships

Friday and Saturday, Casa Robles High, Orangevale

Second round

120—Omid Gul, Valley, def. Ryan Strout-Hearick, Mountain House, fall.

132—Matt Hontz, Cordova, def. Cannon Waters, Mountain House, decision.

182—Angelo Martinez, Bear Creek, def. Jaiden Leus, Mountain House, fall.

Second-round consolation

120—Ryan Strout-Hearick, Mountain House, def. Spencer Dumitrescu, Cordova, fall.

Third-round consolation

120—Ryan Strout-Hearick, Mountain House, def. Tristan Tep, Mesa Verde, fall.

182—Jaiden Leus, Mountain House, def. Cesar Galvan, Grant, fall.

Fourth-round consolation

120—Gabriel LeFebre, West Campus, def. Ryan Strout-Hearick, Mountain House, decision.

132—Jack Lawrence, Beyer, def. Cannon Waters, Mountain House, fall.

182—Russel DeVera, Monterey Trail, def. Jaiden Leus, Mountain House, fall.

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