One word can’t describe it so I will multiply it by three: terrible, terrible, terrible. Traffic, yes traffic. It is getting worse. I gauge it by time. Traveling to Tracy from the Bay Area for some catfishing some 45 years ago, it was some easy going no matter what time you hit the road. Then 40 years ago when I moved to Oakdale from the Bay Area, same easy going with the exception of the poor road maintenance over the Altamont Pass. Then I moved back to Bay Area. In 2002 I moved to Tracy. I thought the commute was bad then at 5 a.m. in the morning and 3:30 p.m. on my return trip. Now it seems on any given day it goes from terrible to terrible, terrible. Friday, May 31, I was returning home from Walnut Creek and hit the Altamont about 5:15 in the morning heading east. I hit some road construction and I felt bad for the commuters heading west. Traffic was backed up for miles because there was maintenance work on the roads heading west. I knew there were a lot of trucks on the road but that morning there were too many. Local politicians think it’s great that our valley has become a bastion for distribution centers. And when I say local I am including Manteca, Lathrop, Stockton, Modesto and all points in between. I listen to KGO on occasion and I don’t get it when they advertise River Islands homes. If anyone in their right mind would do their due diligence, they would realize the commute is too terrible, terrible, terrible to participate in. And no one can convince me that a commuter train will solve the problem. This commuter mess is because of putting the cart before the horse.

Michael Gonzalez, Tracy

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