I’ve noticed a trend lately out of DC I’d like to bring to people’s attention.

Congressman Josh Harder is solving problems here in the Central Valley. He listens, studies and then is taking effective and timely action. Case in point when Central Valley law enforcement visited the Capitol and said one of their top concerns is safely helping members of the community with mental illness. The same week Rep. Harder introduced a bill to give sheriffs and police the resources and training needed to keep everyone safe.

The commendable part is not just better resources for all concerned but that there was NO hesitation in creating a solution.

Turns out it was a busy week for Rep. Harder. He also authored these bills and amendments:

– Stronger Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment Act, to help kids impacted by abuse and neglect due to substance use disorder (with Rep. Meuser, PA).

– Related to the above, authored an amendment to improve health care access for people struggling with opioid use disorder.

Additionally, Rep. Harder is leading a bipartisan group of lawmakers to ensure Central Valley farmers are included in a critical aid program provided to farmers harmed by Chinese tariffs.

Rep. Harder continues to work with colleagues regardless of party affiliation. In some cases, reaching out to purposefully show CA10 — and the country — that we have far more to agree on and work for together than we’ve been led to believe.

Lisa Roth, Tracy

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