Council Notes in the June 7th Tracy Press state that a 10% raise was approved for the acting city attorney Leticia Ramirez, thereby bringing her monthly salary to $16,536.41. You have got to be kidding me! Who in the heck gets a 10% raise after being on the job for 2 weeks? If this woman is so valuable then hire her as the city attorney with the salary appropriate for that job title. Once again the Tracy City Council is screwing around keeping people in “interim” positions. If Ms. Ramirez does not get hired as the city attorney and goes back to her assistant city attorney job, will she then lose this 10% raise — my guess is not!

City budget draws on Measure V, hiring reductions to rein in deficit

Our current City Council is really unbelievable; their ability to make good and sound decisions for the City of Tracy and its taxpaying citizens is nonexistent. We just hired a city manager at a salary of over $245,000 per year, why in the hell do we need a City Council that we also have to pay when they make stupid decisions. It's no wonder the mayor and some of the City Council members do not want to put an ethics policy in place.

Denise Snider, Tracy

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