My heart goes out to Nathan Campbell and his family. I am thankful for your initiative to create the Suicide Prevention Walk and fundraiser at West High School. My family had intended to be there Feb. 23 in support of your efforts, however I fell ill. I will remember to donate to a suicide prevention program this year. I was just thinking if even one person is saved and swayed to choose life one more day, what a success that would be.

This is a deeply personal subject for me as I had suicidal thoughts in high school through college. I wonder if my suffering would have been reduced with a teen reaching out so directly as you are in high school. I wonder if I would have opened up with my pain instead of hiding it deep down inside. No one directly talked about this subject in the ’80s or ’90s. Only my poetry teacher reached out to me to ask if I was OK (she was the person reading about my pain in my poetry writings) but of course I brushed her off since she was an adult who I thought at the time could not be trusted.

I really hope teens can help teens find that safe place to talk and then forward to available resources to get on the path of life.

Amie Clark, Tracy

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