In my view, Lisa Roth, who wrote (May 31) to praise the work of rookie Rep. Josh Harder, needs to do some more research into the work of this extremely liberal House member.

Harder takes action — Lisa Roth

Let’s start with Harder’s support for the “Medicare for All” legislation, which would blow up the American health care system.

The bill that Harder supports would strip upwards of 250 million Americans of their private, non-government health insurance and dump them into government health care like the Post Office or DMV provides.

According to a study by the Mercatus Center, the Medicare for All plan would cost $32 trillion over the next decade, or $3.2 trillion per year, almost doubling the federal budget and raising taxes on the middle class through the roof.

It might interest Roth that the legislation Harder supports for socialist health care will also provide a lower standard of health care for Americans. Only 81 percent of breast cancer patients in the United Kingdom live at least five years after diagnosis, compared to 89 percent in the United States.

So, in effect, Harder wants to destroy the current health care system, put everyone into third-rate government health care, double the federal budget, raise taxes tremendously on the middle class and give us poorer health care.

In addition, we have learned that abortionists sometimes kill babies who survive abortions AFTER THEY ARE BORN. Here’s the URL for a Pennsylvania grand jury report: https://cdn.cnsnews.com/documents/Gosnell,%20Grand%20Jury%20Report.pdf.

There is legislation (the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act) that would stop this practice, but Harder has refused to sign the House discharge petition to force a vote on this bill.

Between seeking to decimate our health care system, supporting illegal aliens voting in our elections and helping abortionists kill babies after they survive an abortion, Harder is a disaster. We can’t say goodbye to him soon enough.

Dave Kerst, Tracy

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