“You ought to know better.” That is something we all grew up hearing — from our parents, grandparents, teachers and anyone else who cared about us and wanted us to grow up and become a good person, knowing right from wrong, treating each other with respect, and having a moral and ethical compass grounded in integrity and honesty. I trust that our City Council members also heard the same admonition when they were growing up, but sadly, it appears that for some of them, it went in one ear and out the other and did not register. In reading the Grand Jury report, each of the Grand Jury’s findings and conclusions — the lack of civility and decorum on the council, crossing boundaries and micromanaging our city’s affairs by riding roughshod over the city manager and city staff, not being able to implement something as basic and fundamental as a Code of Ethics — all these findings can only earn the retort of “you ought to know better” from the residents of this city to members of the City Council. And in reading the Grand Jury’s report, something else comes to mind — when some of these folks are running for office, whether to remain on the City Council, become mayor, get elected on our county’s board of supervisors, or seek some other office that lines the public trough, we as voters need to remember before we cast our ballots for any of the individuals that engaged in the misconduct called out by the Grand Jury in its report what we heard when we were growing up too — that we ought to know better.

Steve Nicolaou, Tracy

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Well, if that's not the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know what is.

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