This letter is in response to two letters, “Ample evidence of abortion atrocity” and “Look carefully at abortion issue.”

Which were both written by men.

I’d like to make it perfectly clear that I am Pro-Choice not Pro-Abortion. I do not know anybody that is Pro-Abortion and that includes Josh Harder.

Ample evidence of abortion atrocity — Dave Kerst
Look carefully at abortion issue — Joe Vieira

Now to address the above-mentioned letters. Those people that both letters had talked about were performing ILLEGAL abortions. The lady charged with murder took a coat hanger and tried to abort her pregnancy! The doctor was performing abortions in the third trimester which at least here in California is illegal. I don’t think an abortion should be performed once in the third trimester unless the mother’s life is at risk or there is a severe problem with the baby. No baby that will have no quality of life due to some type of defect or problem should be forced to be born. That’s unfair to the baby.

We just want to make sure that the federal law Roe vs. Wade is upheld by all states. Taking away our right to choose will create far more problems than preventing them.

Chris Ramos, Tracy

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